HEY GIRL Magazine is changing media
and we want YOU to be part of it.

Media can be damaging, the pressure to conform to an unrealistic image can trigger a toxic?personal atmosphere.

HEY GIRL is an independent positive media brand with a mission to?celebrate the power of the human spirit, showcasing raw visual stories to inspire and empower.

We are –?Promoting body positivity by not retouching subjects in photos,?Empowering people to have control by choosing their own images, Building a collaborative community across a versatile platform.

Do you want to invest in the future generation? Do you want to become a part of HEY GIRL? We want to find revolutionaries, investors with a vision and investors that see the need for change in the media.?You can invest from as little as ?10 up to ?xxxxxxx, so all pockets can get involved.

*Capital at risk

5 key reasons why investing in HEY GIRL could be great for you!

As an investor in HEY GIRL,?YOU ARE a shareholder. You will own a part of the company. Tell your friends that you own part of a brand that is making media more empowering.

As an investor YOU will help shape the future of HEY GIRL. Do you want to see more change in media, more inspiring, empowering images, videos, connection events and much more? Be involved, be the change.

We are SEIS and EIS compliant. You may be eligible for up to 50% tax relief on your investment. Find out more here.

We LOVE the support from the HEY GIRL investors, so to show the love back we have created some cool creative rewards.

  • ?50 HEY GIRL T-shirt, be there, invested, got the T-shirt. Show your love and support.
  • ?320 Great photo for your wall ?- a beautiful exclusive A2 print from the archives of your choice. (unframed)
  • ?500?Bigger is better – stunning A1 photo print?from the archives of your choice. (unframed)
  • ??1500?Film star photoshoot – Owner and founder photographer Simon Clemenger will come to you at your location, you will have portraits in the HEY GIRL style. Be a film star for the day.?(Location within 60 miles of HEY GIRL HQ, Brighton. Other locations can be setup, but travel and accommodation if needed costs will be charged extra on top).
  • ?10,000 Be with us for life – Never miss a copy of HEY GIRL magazine, receive a copy of each an every copy of the beautifully print magazine sent to you and be a gold member for ever.

Let’s change this toxic media, we want to be a global media brand that has empowerment and authenticity at its heart, if you invest you get to be part of this revolution of change. Let do this!!



See our video with the event the real catwalk.

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If you have any questions in the meantime or you would like to learn more, please feel free to contact us directly at [email protected]

As always investments of this nature carry risks. Please invest aware.?Only over 18s can invest.

many thanks


Simon Clemenger

Founding director


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