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As we work up to the release of issue 3 “Body & Soul”, with colours of our soul flowing?here’s?model Sophie, its?all about?her body and career ….

age – 19

born – 29/01/1997

height – 5?10.5

eyes – Green

loves – Animals, dancing, reading, taking walks, quiz?s.

hates – Doing nothing, animal abuse, liquorice, loud eaters!


– Hey!?are feeling good today ? – Hey i?m great thank you.

– What have you been up to ? – I wen?t on a really nice walk today and then I ended up at a really yummy burger restaurant with some friends which was nice.

small talk done ?so tell us a little bit about being a model ? – I love it! It was a little tricky to get used to at first because its such a different world but once you come to understand it better it?s so much fun.

how did you get into modelling? – I was scouted by the lovely Jane Duval at a festival when I was 13 and she?s stuck with me the whole way. It?s important to have someone with you in the industry that you can talk to about stuff.

whats the most important thing that you want to achieve in your life? – I want to know that i?m going to be able to make a difference to lives one day. Not sure how I’m going to do it yet but it?s always on my mind.

how does modelling make you feel about your body? – Well there is always going to be insecurities when you?re non-stop judged on how your face and body look but it really doesn?t phase me anymore. If i?m happy with how my body currently looks and someone tells me otherwise I don?t think twice about it.

do you love your body ? Sometimes, if i?ve been working hard and eating healthy I feel much nicer about myself mentally and psychically.

how do you stay healthy? I try to snack more on fruit and less on junk. I walk a lot and just keep an eye on what i?m eating.

how do you stay strong when you get negative reactions in your job? – I remember that even the super models wont get every job they dream of and a lot of them have had bad experiences.

do you get a lot of rejection ? I?m not sure if it?s more than most but i?ve defiantly experienced it. You have to turn a blind eye to it in this industry though. There are so many girls in the industry these days so it?s to be expected.

what would you tell a little younger you to help them ? – Everything starts to get really fun so just keep going with it.

where would you want your career to be in 20 years? I?ve still got too much to learn to know the answer to that question but hopefully i?ll be in a happy place and feel like all of this was worth it.

Thank you, it?s been fun!

love xxxx

All Photography – Simon Clemenger

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