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I’m Tova, a soon to be 22 year old Swede. I’ve been modeling for 5-6 years now (whaaaaat?!)

I got scouted in line for some cheap festival food stand, or was it in the line to the toilet? Anyway, it was the summer I was turning 17. I was skinny, lost, had half my head shaved and a bunch of stinky festival wristbands on my arm. I wanted to become a journalist, maybe photographer, personal trainer and travel and be something, someone.

Modeling wasn’t the plan but it was exciting and gave me the chance to travel and make some descent money at the same time.

I finished school, pushed the pause button on the “go school, find yourself, go to university, get a 9-5 job and plan for the real future” machine and started living in Milano and Paris, working for big fashion houses and magazines. I did fashion week and loved it. All eyes on me in high high heels was a kick like nothing else.

I got a call one summer in Paris from my booker in Sweden. She told me that I got signed with an agency in New York and that they would get me a visa. A month later I bought a ticket to New York in the cab on my way to the airport and BAM! I was in The city, walking, and probably rocking, the runway there.

Three month ago I got my first own apartment, in New York. I have a life there, a guy I love, friends I trust and I don’t need a map to find my way around. How insane is that?

I sometimes try to remember who that punk girl with stinky wristbands was. It takes me down to earth a little. I know she’s still in there and she still wants to be something, someone.

It is time to press play on that real life button now and I’m so excited.

Tova 😉

“Nice one Tova, we love you” HG

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