Natalya Nova is an award winning artist, photographer and filmmaker, based in New York City. Originally from Orenburg, Russia she has lived in NYC since 2005. Her work is magical, provocative and new. Natalya Nova’s work has been exhibited at Miami Art Basel and galleries in New York. Her latest solo exhibition was at the Leica Gallery Soho NYC in 2018.

“I am photographing my dreams.”

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SUPERNOVA PLAYROOM – My Supernova Playroom portraits are a projection of my inner voice. What may seem abstract to the viewer is to me a language rooted in symbolism and allegory. I am photographing my dreams. I use a medium format lenses from 1930’s and 40’s to create portraits in which a body becomes the painted canvas. The results are electrifying.

“The results are electrifying.”


I was swimming in dangerous but beautiful waters. A fish passed by, I’ve never seen a
fish like that before. It could swallow my whole body if only it opened its mouth full of teeth. I
looked ahead of me, I saw mountains on the horizon, and the colors and their reflection in the
water were breathtaking. I wanted to take a picture when you called.






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