Showcase your talent to the world

Tell your/their story

What gave you ideas for your shoot? Who is your subject/model and why did you choose them? What inspires you about them?

Showcase your creativity

Get inspired by our themes and let your mind go …

How do you create? What makes you feel creative? What is creativity to you ? Who is your creative idol?

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Be Inspired

We will give out themes for the HEY GIRL TRIBE that run along side the themes to the magazines so you can show your interpretation of the theme. Plus have the chance to get chosen to have your shoot in the magazine.

Make a Statement

We are about empowering the subject and the reader, so we want you to break from the normal and use your talent to show diversity and equality and express ideas of freedom and Love for all.

Build your visibility

This will be your member statement , what inspires you , what you want to achevie with your talent. whats important to you, your dream job. How to follow you and contact you on social media.






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